Poetry from Stephen Jarrell Williams

A gathering
into a column...

(1) "Your Stance"

Locked in
on probable concerns
forming in all directions

your soft bed of day-years
and night safety
eroding from the hyper news
and prediction gurus
growing like pandemic copycats,

coming down
the far edge of most streets
closing in
on deserted gas stations
and gangs too tired
to steal anymore of anything...

The radical Beat Armies
with new laws
tattooed on their near nude bodies,
marching with signs,
sharp nails and wrist cameras
blaring out orders by some Ai chamber-
"We are here to help by correction!"

You almost pop a cell
just thinking about it...

You stumble to the bathroom,
turning on the light,
but the mirror remains dark...

"How do I escape from so much hate?"

Then it hits you like a smooth left hook...

Your stance is wrong.

(2) "Rampage"

And in
our dreams,

swallowing grief,
kids crying

with no one

the Animal Rex
breaking out of his drain,

from the underground

on a rampage,
thousands of years pinned in...

Drones watching,
whipping low for a shot,
Video Voodoo...

Too many accepting
what they see is
almost the truth.

This dream is
that dream
changed by a computer handler
and what their alignment wants...

A computer is
not human,
but can it overcome

too many venturing in
these last days
but not in the Word of Truth.

(3) "Inflated 666"

They've been under us

a giant
click wad
paid well

working on secrets
not understood
by them and us

only a few knowing
the end game

sinister poke-holes
connected by live wires

for a spanking

the Devil
and Mr. Clean

they will lead
the stupid

ego freaks
into the valley of phoney gold
hard mush
and holes in their concrete thongs.

(4) "Decisions"

You manage to think
ignoring or sucking it in?

The Mega Media...
fake wings
dripping deodorant bombs.

When will you speak
and mean it?

Flutter drones flying over
and peeking in your window...

You occasionally read
an old book
before they rewrote it.

waiting on you
and who to pray with....

(5) "Baking Bacon"

Beat the drums in your sewer tunnel,
echoing under all the city wrap...

Heard them dancing deep in the spiraling
down where the masses of the underworld
creep and pretend they don't know
who they are and the hell they believe.

Sorry for them
but they chose their upside-down peak
and will burn in the stink.

Their lottery of billions of Bozos
with their bubbled noses
laughing as their makeup runs with tears.

Salty tears
sandy rears
from sitting in the desert
too lazy to take a walk
about the faults of everyone else...

what a mix of kaleidoscope pigs
cooking in their own bacon.

(6) "When You Knew"

And then the slap...
Snap out of it!

Jumble of words...
Eye opening and maybe a giggle.

But you're still in it...
The world breeding
into a darker place.

It's happening everywhere
to everyone.
You too.

Time to change
back into a child,
when you knew right from wrong.