Poetry from Stephen Jarrell Williams

The Water Tower Trilogy




Outside of town perched on a hill

Past the reach of the highway

And the sounds of the neighborhood


Sliver of moon not enough for light

Strange the fence surrounding the water tower

Gate left unlocked by the watchman


You were no longer shy that summer

Since you had met that guy from LA

He was just passing through our little town


The steel ladder had chips of paint hanging loose

A high and narrow climb

You leading the way like you had been up there before


You had promised me another sexual adventure

You were becoming more and more of an exhibitionist

Surprising me as to how far you would go


You had changed me from a boy into a nomad

Those nights we snuck out from our parents


Somehow I knew this would be the climax

The last night before you would leave


You stood on top of the water tower roof

A slight rise to its metal dome

I crawled up to you and marveled at your daring


You slowly stripped gazing down at the town lights

And me on my knees.




Dust Town


I’m still here

All my friends gone


Faraway cities consumed them

None ever coming back


Not a letter or phone call

Those foreign cemeteries full


The night always calling me out

Long treks into the desert


Whispering wind uplifting

Over a town with a population of zero.




Dream Fulfilling


No solitude in Heaven

All forgiven


Millions of souls

Freedom of flight


Finally awakening

On top of the water tower’s call

The height a mere step off.






She’s a quiet teaser

Addicted to her cause and effect


In control of every move

Long lost in epic delusions


Practiced sashays and stance



Body brazen

Captivating nude


Collecting shadows

For self obliteration


Scream sigh

Cry spit


Strip cover

Smile wink


Unbound energy

Surrender fake


I find myself loving her

With all that she is


A madness to squeeze her

Into the She Beast she craves to be


And maybe then

She’ll be free.



Guitar Man


Guitar man strumming the strings

On his corner sidewalk


Cars passing with cheering honks

Everyone bobbing in their spots


A few dollars given

Into his open guitar case


His notes still dancing in his head

In the middle of the night


Beneath a scan of stars

His bed cradled nightly

In a trash dumpster.



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