Poetry from Sunil Saroa


All of my life, I have lived among stones. 
These stones are not everywhere.
For me,
They are people around me
In the shape of stones.
They can’t be understood, 
Perhaps I don’t want to!
Or I’m addicted to this life.
May be I’m colour blind;
I can’t see reality
Of being human Among stones.
It’s a difficult journey
To find a cure.
Difficult to find love.
I have to ask myself, “Is there hope?”
 I believe there is—but where is it?
Is it among clowns?

Sunil Saroa is a short-story writer, a poet, and an essayist from Panjab, India. His works have been published by Livewire.in. and Tell Me Your Story.biz. Currently, he’s a fiction and poetry reader for Longleaf Review, Florida, USA.  He likes to read all the time and write his works while sitting on a balcony early in the morning.His name on official documents is Sunil Kumar.