Poetry from Sushant Kumar

Mind Not, O My Dear

O my dear!
I dig up not about your secret yesterdays 
I mind not what others think about you
I mind not what others say about me
I have nothing to do with their sense
I am a spiritual lover.

O my dear!
Mind not if I love you very much tonight
And mind not too if my love seems diluting tomorrows
As very moment I do what I like the most
I am a spontaneous lover.

O my dear!
Mind not if you are in a distant land 
And I am staying a night with someone 
Yet meanwhile chattering your name
You too may do that, I don’t mind
But my dear,
Remain not in a catch-22 about my true love 
 And ask not" Do you really love me then?"
O dear!
At times, I am a democrat lover,
And at times, I am a biological lover.

[Sushant Kumar B.K. is a Nepalese poet, translator, educator and freelance writer who is originally from Gulariya, Bardiya, Nepal. He writes poems in English and Nepali language. His poems have been featured in national and international anthologies, magazines, newspapers and online portal. He especially loves to read spiritual and philosophical books. He can be reached at bksushant26@gmail.com.]