Short story from Syed Tabin Ahbab

A Story from Syed Tabin Ahbab

Once upon a time there was a different world where terrible animals and people lived together. But the animals were so bad .The animals killed people and destroyed their pets and crops. There were some animal hunters to protect people from them. They always protect people from these animals. The most famous hunters were Oad Robin and Sams. They did their work goodly .But people didn’t paid their salary because they thought Robin and Sams were maniac. So they’re so poor .They lived in a small hut.
The richest man at that time was king Junior .He had a wonderful palace. But there was nobody in this Palace because the most dangerous animal the Lion Back Dragon attacked there every year. In his Palace, no more could enter than his daughter and a servant and some soldiers. So King Junior hired Robin and Sams. After a dangerous war they killed the Lion Back Dragon. The King paid them  the money by which Oad Robin and Sams built a house .They lived there a happy life .

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