Poetry from Tammy Spears, excerpt from her book Flutter of an Eye

Tammy Spears’ book Flutter of an Eye
Flutter of an Eye

The "Flutter of your Eye" on the day you passed away
Reminds us of a "Butterfly as it gently flies away"
And as we see the grazing deer we know that you are near
We long to hear your voice and see your smile again
And know we will again someday and will hold on to the
memories until then.
We will always remember that day and the
~"Flutter of your Eye" as you drifted away~
Sending our everlasting love and hugs up to you and
We want you to know we are thinking of you!

Your Spirit

Your touch, your voice, your warm embrace
The bright smile that lights up your beautiful face
These memories of you we hold on to and remember each year
Especially when your birthday is here.
We take comfort in the love that you gave us and
We know "Your Spirit" always surrounds us!


My parents blessed me with two "Sisters" to share my love with in life
There for each other through thick and through thin
I couldn't imagine my life without them
The bond that we have is as strong as our faith
We wouldn't have it any other way
As we grow old together through the years
Through happy and sad times, up and down times
Holding hands through laughter and tears
I thank my parents and the Lord above for
My two "Sisters" that I adore and love!

Take Me With You

"Take me with you" whatever you do
I will always be a part of you
In the good times, bad times, happy and sad times
"Take me with you" down the road
I will be by your side wherever you go
Part of me lives in you since I've gone away
"Take me with you" I'm there to stay

Salute a Soldier

“Salute a Soldier” and show your support for
The sacrifices made even lives were cut short
They will always stand tall even after the fall
“Bravery of a Soldier” will be remembered by all!
“Salute a Soldier”
It’s the right thing to do
For all that’s been given for freedom for you!

“Flutter of an Eye is a short collection of poems written by Tammy Spears in homage to her mother, who recently passed away in 2007 from lung cancer. The chronology order of the poems reflects the last two stages of the grievance process: depression, and acceptance. The first arrangement of poems reflects memories of the poet’s mother and the poet’s future without her. Towards the end of the book, the poet reflects on the blessings she has in this life. Flutter of an Eye is meant to help and inspire those who have lost a loved one.”
— The New England Book Critic

My name is Tammy Spears and I am the author of the inspirational poetry book “Flutter of an Eye”.  My poetry book has been published through iUniverse of Bloomington, Indiana.  My poem “Flutter of an Eye” has also been published in Upon Arrival-Interlude by Eber & Wein Publishing. Various poems have also been published in the 2021 monthly editions of Neighbors of Bowling Green and Franklin Kentucky Magazines.

The book was written in memory of my beautiful Mother, Diana Hullings, who passed away at a young age of 61 from lung cancer. (“MOTHER” is a poem in my book). My mother was and still is my inspiration in life and I wanted to dedicate my book of poetry in her memory to share with family and friends to be inspired as well.

My book of poetry contains inspirational poems of love for a Mother and a Mother’s love, blessings in life, love of family, love to share, God’s gifts and blessings, honoring the military, life experiences, seasons of change, memories of a loved one, reminiscing and cherishing precious time, and love of a child and spouse.

I also have material to publish my second book of inspirational poems that will be titled “Fluttering On”. The meaning of the title of the sequel is that my mother is “Fluttering On” with us as we are “Fluttering On” without her.

We only have “one life” to live, so make an “Impact” while you can, “Reach for Hope” when in need, “Come Together” and “Lend a Hand” to make a difference, “Cherish the Memories”, “Precious Time” and all of “Life’s Blessings” God sends your way “Year After Year”.  Won’t you “Take me With You” on The “Walk” of  life’s journey?  (All of the quotes are inspirational poems in my published poetry book).

The one message I would like to convey to my readers is to Cherish Life and the many Blessings God sends your way! “Dream”-“Dream”-“Dream” you can make your dreams a Reality! This was taken from one of my poems in the book called “Dream”.

My advice to aspiring authors would be to pursue your writing as an author if it is a passion and make your “Dream” come to light!

Please order Tammy Spears’ Flutter of an Eye here.

2 thoughts on “Poetry from Tammy Spears, excerpt from her book Flutter of an Eye

  1. Very moving, impactful poetry. Reminded me of my deceased grandmother Graciela Iparraguirre, whom I affectionately called “Lala.” The poems powerfully spoke about the different stages of grief as defined by Elisabeth Kubler.

    • Hi Sandro,
      Thank you so much for your kind words of how my inspirational poetry touched you in the passing of your grandmother Lala! I hope you felt it in your heart and soul as I did when I wrote it for my Mother! Many Blessings to you!
      Tammy Spears
      Author of “Flutter of an Eye”

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