Poetry from Tanvir Islam

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Tanvir Islam
My Mother

My mother, whose love reaches near and far. 
With gentle hands and a heart so pure, 
She's the anchor that helps me endure.
In her embrace, I find endless grace,
 A comforting presence in every place. 
Her words, a soothing lullaby, In her love, 
I'll never say goodbye. 
Through every storm, she's been my shield, 
A rock, a fortress in every battlefield. 
Her sacrifices, a testament so strong, 
In her love, I forever belong. 
Her laughter, a melody, pure and bright, 
Guiding me through the darkest night. 
Her wisdom, a beacon, shining so clear, 
In her love, I find my purpose, my sphere. 
With every sunrise and each day's end, 
My mother, my confidant, my dearest friend. In her love, 
I've found life's greatest treasure, 
A bond unbreakable, a love without measure.

Tanvir Islam is a student of grade 9 in Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.

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