Poetry from Tanvir Islam

Young South Asian teen boy with short black hair and a white collared school uniform shirt
Tanvir Islam

The Best Friend

A best friend, a treasure, so rare to find, 
In the tapestry of life, they're one of a kind. 
A confidant, a partner in laughter and tears, 
Through the passage of time, they calm our fears. 
In their presence, we're our truest selves, 
No need for pretense or hidden bookshelves. 
They know our quirks, our dreams, our flaws, 
In their embrace, we find life's greatest applause. 
A best friend's a compass, pointing the way, 
Through the labyrinth of life, come what may. 
With them, every moment feels so sublime, 
In the story of our lives, they're a cherished rhyme. 
They celebrate our victories, share our defeat, 
A bond so profound, it cannot be beat. 
In the world's chaos, they're a steadfast guide, 
Walking together, side by side. 
So raise a toast to the best friend so dear, 
In their friendship, there's nothing to fear. 
Through the ups and downs, they'll always be, 
A cherished part of our soul's tapestry.

Tanvir Islam is a student of grade 9 in Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.