Poetry from Taylor Dibbert

Insta Inertia 

By Taylor Dibbert

He’s still,

Holding on to,

His Instagram account,

Hasn’t opened it,

In years,

Not sure,

What the,

Password is,

Doesn’t matter,

No chance of,

Him checking,

This year,

No chance of,

Him posting,

Ever again,

Then why even have,

The account,

His friend asks,

He breathes in calmly,

Thinks for a moment,

And then explains,

There are so many,

Great photos,

Of my dog London,

On there,

I’d hate,

To lose them.

Taylor Dibbert is a widely published writer, journalist, and poet. He’s author of the Peace Corps memoir “Fiesta of Sunset,” and the forthcoming poetry collection “Home Again.”