Poetry from Texas Fontanella


Doors stick to the shoes I chew the souls out of quiet residential area 51’s coming apart at the un-planeted sentence – knife in prism – oh, affect! Dual good. God’s fencing Alice dragging on a drag queen’s doubled joint to stroke your Facebook gives me a psychic shucks. Chic, this is the skusb of something rootable, and this time it’s not Deleuze and all. It’s delusional. No fucks.

So, we put our likelihoods up cos I know a tap house from how the foot’s fucked. I don’t need to read it. My robbing hoods scoff at the stares that eeked in and spun out for meters, meteors, meatier if you know to meet us on the borderline of personality and taste to order refinement. It puts minds at tease, into violins, their hidden violence, missing personas of interest rates plummet, sic as the plumbing stolen by a cut throat, moaning dew due to be replace exactly like won’t my gut be. 

I’ll be raising you to the mourning of my own death, uploading it to the houso complex cloud above for Groucho and Marx. As close as we get to the lock of a plot are – ouch – these light globes that halo me into debt, and collections to let said debts RIP – this one is a faery’s tale of WOAH, a steaming stream of consciousness, piled up obnoxiously in the noughties corner. Oh, no! 

Now we owe millions of years. Yesterday, it was billions. So, tiers… your derro predilection of booty is going out with their head space rolled out the red carpet, ace as a sigh. Gap. Me bolt. Later, Leda and I watched and streamed at each other watching Black Swan, live as a wire acting on. “I jut wanted a wife with greater resolution.”

Our notions breeze suss as fuck it, you, that, etc. Dead convolution, conversation. Killing me, matey, just shows I never die. It’s cultured, imperial; perma-fried, chips you can’t bets’re off spreading the wards of AD. You’ve got to fail the grade to pass off the test. Made to disorder truths here can cough. We’ll dismiss them as meaningless. 

Aladdin’s hand me downs

My tongue deviates in fountains. You’ll never escape our prying highs. I just wanted a wife with greater resolution. Non omnis moriar.
I know what you did: lost summer. Precedings were adjourned, down under the shade of the Coolabah box, and burnt. I say that at the risk of repeating my selves. My shelves circle, though, loan sharky, defeating that purpose, as if on purpose, or drug use.

Everybody wants to relax like my jeans don’t, drool the world. Erase by serial numbers. Stop the quotes. We’re a long way from home ownership the nigh away to be from me.

More crystalline stumble shows you on TV over fur, fifty livers later. In those days, the sun flat fell, no setting – up or down. 

Up. I hover about the bitching; phew. Screams and schemas were heard at least three days ago.

Tomorrow’s yesterday with a wig on!!!!!!! The time is out of points. I’m fuelled by your stare.

Later,  I prove lowlife’s what you make it; my atoms cun. My body went awol, but flows and ers were Bloomian beneath my feat. TF1 was the careerist of the queer. 

Rack the sky. Wanna see a status go? Between the lines, verb of preference preceding. 

And just. Stay fed uploading metadata – her dad’s eyes pickling in a jar under the masses’ hysteria was made common sense to transfer me all your money is no good here we only take long walks away from key change’s welcome but mu cusp remains of enemies empty. Best practice.

You know, drop boxing me into the shit fields forever back down load the idea shot by shot surf scratched it till a tunnel vision of you, lost. “Excuse me, sir,” they misgendered me, “I’m making a scene for futurity to dismember and me to live on in the ellipses of Gods.” Their silence left it up right down to Pluto. Plus, I was empty hearted and cashed.

But it just might have been sass addiction, how I went out with a big bang the babe is old enough to know pigs can fly. It began in social media res (It didn’t; ask Medea). I cleaned my glasses, but I think my eyes were wobbly: they kept failing to a lauded gun. I only do other people’s lives. The prying is optional. 

It’s drop it like it cold war shit. Make a strackie. You swore at me till death do part your legs still follow me around fucking Newtown. I’m the closest drug relation of your Hotel Delirium. Pay more intention.

When I do, my imagination gets itchy. Like, I was the only one without a gun to my head case split open that night I saw tear gas in your eyes, sighed off on a MAD tea party. It ended the great depression in verse. It was too brag to veil: trace and bullets = new points of entropy, etorndy. Then, she sentenced me to wash the dishes. I thought it was a homophone. 

So again the poem turned on a crimewave, and the suspense is billing me. You’d think it all aver, says my monologue, taking me under – or over – like a boss. But I was barely dying, so….

But then the hissing of your fractured eyes sink holed me up. Mx 8-ball, and it’s what it’s. So, I sent a WhatsApp message: share the sea to my savage slideshow ons if you’re walk. Now they’ve got a cold, and the air is creaky. Freaky.

I started ceased and deceased but still riding poems, thus…. How’s that for starvation of thought?

Dressed to the 999s, the moon is up to get me, the sun is down to fuck me. “Medusa is on. I added the seasoning from hell. Gotta split, love.”

Doing so makes two question marks, minus some dots.

War and peace. 
The vamphorskes

Your Mcmansions started it, this disease with which I yawn. All of.mine were devised with this door of opportunity cost sucked through an early bird catching a wormhole.   It was unpredictable as any opera about soap, the movements of these pixels through the hour glass we figure ate the days of our lies. Did someone say complaint by numbers? 

What about my inhumanable alien rights; aren't they enshrined somewhere?  Look! Owning up to the bush, doof-head, will not make your convention oven good for resale, or anything at all. Yes, I know I said my buddy is a temple - that's because it's me and he is one. We slide our tithe in between, yeah, his teeth. Not so radical. True. Granting what is and isn't funny bones hard, adrift from my fucks, or preferences theyre for. I guess ploy for them make like cats and back into the lamp, right? Make it now and void, so I did. 

So, am I excepted to try rubbing it the wrong way round? A low revs in, but not as response too, and that they're the greatest bid this moment complaints by numbers of living dead is off too, I spose. Bully is the pulped it word of the minute. They girt us anyway, a notional anthem for four eyes. Was there a way out of lined with - line - situations such as this, or a way one needs improve - note without the E. Spare change? Much ado, nothing will convince. It's like an emotion sickness - recalcitrant, shitty. Squawks are shifty until in demand, demented tragic comedy, ala you, allah.

Voldemort was bothered by everything also. What? Despite all my wage, this wetness caging me, concrete following me up stairs taken to circumnavigate the stares, the elevator, rude I will on the not be, Mr Your Honour. The century bangs onwards, remixing the books so the invoice of this degeneration is sex. No more subtleties - ching ching - register cash? You're getting off my Nirvana, standing on my Husqvarna.  Cultural cringe. Gold syringe the masses hysteria made common sense to transfer all your money is piecemeal and bought up, peace's boarded up, water not included. Is that what's called a meal deal breaker? War and peace out, Grinch.  

(Parking lots of you... Best form a disorderly line up, but no expressions that are not expropriate, Ok?) ...Jesus, mythed up the pointillism, too, entirely contravening our lost lesion. Part the art's not at all, historically speaking, to work off the corruption that was its genetics. MDNA. It could have happened tomorrow, today, but we're here, now, and we copyrighting it don't. There's a parody with which to explain something obvious imported in there somewhere. I'm an anarchist, allegedly. I'll raise anything black - powers, say, but I'd hate myself for milking it like a mural. 

Everyone in da house here lives on the edge, had a dream whose living solution was never land, nor discussing how we shared them between us. They leave us closer to witches than riches, the looks they insist on grabbing rattle us, but industry, we snake, bite into the Adam's apple. Eve runs with, rather, this garden of our forking tongue twister games, a pricked pin here and there, code for "glitch this  Genius sparks as I stroke your face gives me an electric chair to pull up anywhere. 

Grate again because freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Our up. We can do it with one Swiftian motion, adjourned till there's woven a politic with more body. This one holds its heads up in its hands, by its waist, going up and down, a value, toxic. Low or high, we're wasted. But only as regards sobriety's spectacle - it's you can see, but you can't like. We're above the influence here, crunching epidemics out of all proportion. Caesar's chicken salad now we're death-marching for our lives back up slowly and keep your hands in the air like you just don't care.  

Sure, I'm stupid, but it's like a fox. Flying over your head, lazy dog, the pupils left; our eyes are all white, hey. Shut that wide open road. Scholars ship these mallets. It's a walkthrough we'll never long, bottoms, be maid or privy to. I'm no Alex Jonestown massacre, but the Crimean war is that never ending storey, a God dammed Ummmmms race. The fall out is boy. Times leaves us fools, ranked rank wank amateurs. Recording everything clicks heals into place. The tape gets trips The corner we're in backs off. Huh? The mirror's a producer of ash. Beeeeep. Beeeeep. Smirk machines make an audience grin. The glint is similar. These cameras get it out their eyes. Fins circle, classically open and wide

That jerk isn't forlorn anymote

Morry pranksters and fateful mcMans guzzling inside out means or prediction. Erudite or or Eros date! A comedy of terrors fellows me off Instagram - insta glam. Mort as any lake, we over and in redcline, wristwatch the Lakers play up down left right up two start select up. Chew chews the alternative - delete control. Traumaturgy be out now illegal discipline. Slap the fetus from Nirvana's wee box, beating still as a symbol don't. Noh udder cymbals fit. We're simple samples served and on ice. Winter came little roo, and too late. I'd like two lattes, earlier, puh-lease, but with a shot of rum to the headspace as well. This jokes too big to be funny for its boots, you foghorn leghorn posse. mead the ows. These might fit

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