Poetry from The Man of Legend (Charles Upshaw III)


Even if your purpose here on this circular sphere
Called Earth appears uncertain and unclear
I’ve learned one’s worth isn’t a mere
Sum of what they’ve purchased or what they’ve earned in a career
Life’s about how you feel about the person in the mirror
Like whether or not they’re further on nearer 
To who you want to be, a word for the ears
Of those not there yet, ‘Persevere’

A Winning Formula

When there burns a fire within
And you’re spurred on by a desire to win
If you never concede defeat 
You can withstand pressure and keep the lead
Going against the opposition
With the approach, “A win is not a given”
Execute the game plan
And never lose faith, and you may remain the champ
For some time to come
When you find you’re the one
To beat, you’ll know that you can win
And be the one who stands in
The ‘winner’s circle’, when it’s all said and done
And you’ll rank second to none
Realizing there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’
A group can realize a dream
And win.


Every evening my eyes scan the cosmos
Paying particular attention to a certain section of the solar system
In search of the sights I identify
As the celestial streetlights that litter the night sky

Active Imagination

What if we didn’t have division from capitalism,
A clash of religions and a class system
And we were equals even if polar opposites,
Government put people over politics
And we could make citizens’ arrests 
Of those that abuse the power they’re given to protect
And serve, when wrong is done under the cover of law?
What’s done to one can be done to us all
So we should all spend a few
Minutes each day trying to walk in the shoes
Of others; going forward, what if we bid,
“Farewell” to the ills of the society in which we live?
I wonder…

Matters of the Heart

While I haven't been in love, yet
I have been given tips on the subject
And no, love isn't blind
You'll know it when you see it, just give it time 
And let it take its natural course, if
It's real, then you won't have to force it
We tend to think of love as 'dependency'
And that we're empty and incomplete
When we’re not in the presence of
The one whose affection and love
We seek, but that’s not true
Being alone doesn’t have to stop you
From enjoying your own company, with 
That said, if you and the one you want to be with 
Complement one another 
And share a bond friends and lovers
Can appreciate, you may have found
Love everlasting, I say that now
But really only time will tell
Love’s a matter of the heart, but the mind will help
You recognize true love; love can smooth any wrinkle
And until I find that, I'm cool with being single 

Realize The Dream

Some think, “To dream is a childish thing
And dreams only come true in your wildest dreams” 
But how do you think Martin Luther King Jr. 
Was able to see so far into the future?
Becoming a man on a mission
And it's up to us to expand on the vision
He had and do our best to bridge 
Gaps and make prejudice
And inequality obsolete
So no one’s at the bottom seeking
A better life, no matter how grim the prospects
If we’re in lockstep
There isn’t a goal that’s not within reach
Though I’m cognizant peace
Might seem elusive 
Like a pipedream rooted
In fantasy, there’s nothing we can’t achieve when
Doubt isn’t given a chance to creep in
We can even make Indigenous mascots and team names
And images a thing of the past; Dr. King aimed
To change the world, and the quest
To see his dream manifest
Continues on…

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