Poetry from Uduak Wisdom Ezekiel


In this Market,

Man stands alone, like a flower among thorns

Not until he tips the merchant

Like a seller, waves an old customer to a seat.

Then, he becomes a camouflaged chameleon.

In this Market,

Man is desperate to announce himself

Like a child, through pained cries.

Over time, he registers his presence with goosebumps amidst cries.

In this market,

Man stands alone

When through the crowd, he walks like the wind.

Unaccompanied. Unseen. Unheard. Untouched. But felt.

In this market,

Man stands alone

When the seats once warmed by his presence,

Like the heat of the sun, 

are left cold, when he sets like the sun.

In this market,

Man stands alone

When his name is called 

before titles and crowns.

The silence drowns out his screaming response.

In Honour of Late Awo.

Poet's Bio

Uduak Wisdom Ezekiel is an indigene of Mkpat Enin, Akwa Ibom state. He is an Undergraduate in the faculty of Law, University of Uyo, currently taking courses on creative writing and Poetry on Coursera. He has won several literary prizes for speaking and writing, and already his first work published on Synchronized Chaos Magazine titled, The Solitude Of Man along with hundreds of unpublished ones.