Poetry from Robiul Awal Esa

Robiul Awal Esa

One day a boy named Sam was going door to door,
Because he was very poor.
He was selling his goods to continue his study,
Doing this he became thirsty.
He planned to get a house at last,
Seeing a beautiful woman from a house he afraid fast.
For this he told to bring a glass of water instead of food,
Seeing the facial expression, the women brought as she could.
She brought a glass of milk instead of water,
For this sympathy to him, he thanked her.
After a few years, the woman was too sick,
No native doctor could treat.
She was referred to a reputed hospital,
Dr. Sam Kaily found her unnatural.
He recognized her at a glance,
He determined to recover her at any way
Dr.Sam Kaily said the receptionist to give the bill-sheet,
Writing something at one side and send it.
Being afraid, the woman opened the bill,
She seemed it could be heavy like a hill.
But there was one word,
I am the little Sam, Mercy of Lord.
Don't afraid about your bill,
It is only a glass of milk.

Robiul Awal Esa is a 1st year student of Diploma in Nursing Science & Midwifery Course in  Government Nursing Institue, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh. 

One thought on “Poetry from Robiul Awal Esa

  1. Beautiful poem. Everything so understated. Reminds me of an old Biblical passage: “Never hesitate to help a stranger, for he might be an angel unawares.” I’m a Catholic, so I see a whole different layer to the poem. I’m not sure if it was intended or not. But the title itself makes me think of Jesus, who once said, “I am love and Mercy itself.”

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