Song Lyrics from Chimezie Ihekuna

Chimezie Ihekuna (Mr. Ben) Young Black man in a collared shirt and jeans resting his head on his hand. He's standing outside a building under an overhang.
Chimezie Ihekuna
Song Title: Sands of Time 
Genre: Reggae

Sands of Time (4ce)

Verse 1

As I examined what’s happening around me, 
I’m left with no choice than to re-evaluate my thinking 
Oh yea, Oh Yea (4ce)
The truth staring angrily at me
Staggering situations my eyes can’t bear
Excruciations my heart has endured
Frustrations becoming a part of me
My cold treatments to people around me
The failure that I’ve become
The losses I’ve encountered
My hopes being dashed
I began to ask to ask myself:
Would you leave those vices in the 
Sands of Time (4ce)

Verse 2

I expressed my dissatisfaction through my reggae music
Oh yea, Oh yea (4ce)
My left and right side brain made active
Feeling no pain but sweet sensation
Melodies pure and flowing
Sounds of courage being heard
Ray of hope arising
The healing power manifesting
The love that’s assuring
The brightness of freedom
Peace that’s bounding
Make me see the possibility of leaving the positive vibes in the
Sands of Time (4ce)

Verse 3

The world is witnessing catastrophes
Oh yea Oh yea (4ce)
People dying
Diseases and starvation abounding
Rights denied with no justice
Truths fast becoming myths
The yearning for materialism on the rise
Leaders clueless about the future 
But through my music,
Sharing the optimism of hope
Illuminating humanity rightly
Seeing the right to posterity

Are what I will leave in the:
Sands of Time (4ce)

3 thoughts on “Song Lyrics from Chimezie Ihekuna

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  2. I really enjoyed this song/poem. It speaks of hopelessness and despair, but then speaks of human resiliency, too. It reminded me of James Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues, where the narrator’s brother, a musician, finds redemption through his music despite a life of drug addiction. There is something almost spiritual about this piece, since the Cross is followed by the Resurrection. I would love to hear the song with music. You are welcome to ask any follow-up questions if you have them.

    — Sandro Francisco Piedrahita

  3. I had some trouble hearing music the words wanted. When you mentioned reggae, it started to live and flow. A good theme for the present time and showing how it has affected you personally.

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