Story from David Woodward

Treaty, the sound of delicious:
the mouth of History

poem (of sorts)

‘As a rule, easily understood language is not welcome in legal document.’
                                                                                                                        —Thomas King

reason #7643 to keep the judicial system alive and the money flowing, flowing, flowing . . . 
(see lawyer)


trust was breached but not before the land was settled and profits distributed according to a beached whale who turned out not to be a beached whale but a hollowed space used to store the sacred secret that washed ashore many moons ago it had all been decided and there was no Thing that anyone could do to change that and that was That.

poem#2 (of sorts) entitled: take your pick

‘Treaties, after all, were not vehicles for protecting land or sharing land. They were vehicles for acquiring land.’


‘Treaties aren’t the problem. Keeping the promises made in the treaties, on the other hand, is a different matter.’
                                —T.K. again



1.	treaties come with expiry dates?
2.	what treaty was written that claimed the expiry date clause? (see conclusion #1.) check the lost and found.
3.	what is your definition of ‘treaty?’
4.	like rules and promises, treaties are meant to be broken?
5.	take your pick of conclusions and/or create your own, after all, it is a treaty!
6.	they tasted good at the time when the signatures were fresh and runny like sap (blood?), but after awhile they go stale like all organic matter? (see conclusion #1 on expiry date)
7.	did they ‘pinkie promise?’
8.	times change therefore minds change therefore desires change therefore needs change therefore truth is all just an illusion?
9.	what is truth but an outdated concept created by the first prehistoric lawyer in order to feed his expanding insecurities (ego?)?
10.	why is everyone always fighting over me? asked the land—create your own space!

poem#3 (of sorts): untitled or idiot wind (see Bob Dylan’s same titled song)

treaty! treaty! treaty!
     sounds delicious

i disagree!
     sounds controversial

i agree!
     sounds fermented

treaties for everyone!
     treat yourself to a fresh treaty,

said the historical book
     as it opened ever so

slowly so all could see
     what mystery lay inside

but the nasty wind had
     other ideas and shut

the book down
     the pages flapping

flapping flapping
     ripping the promises 

from the hollowed spine
     at the base of the hopeless valley

lightning struck

the same spot (again)
     the hallowed land burying

the remainders alongside the buffalo bones
     bison to be precise

and the divided land was

born again, some said,
     wholly in the legal and rightful hands of

the guardians of holy books
     they had made

once upon a time
     but never read.

poem#4 (of sorts): leftovers

vroom! vroom! vroom!
     driving around the truth

& all that specious (spacious?) land
     for sale!

come and get it while it is
     still warm and breathing (and precious?)

beep! beep! get out
     of that spacious space

it’s been reserved 
     for a big beached

whale of a good time
     we’ll have

with-out you.