Story from Jim Meirose

Please Remind Us Using the Provided Pencil  

…please remind us using the provided pencil + so kindly since last time the string’d come ‘part provided as a token of our appreciation  + hung there for this reason but somehow broken and crank, who’d a’ “known it”, ^why’s it wrong to do things different, Gimi^ who’d a’ “thunk it”, you know, “Doctor”? Do you know? You must know. I must have seen that… no okay maybe can a car crammed so but that’s as close [pillo] with a cow as they can without…pencil {and not just back here at the cooler oh no} dozens of times, and, uh each time I said to myself, Yes I know ^I know when I lie down I lie down very very differently from how others lie down Gimi^ there is something {what is it?}I’d like to write down there for the % kindness of their hearts brigade to go get right now, shaking down my head, and provide me uh % ice cold drink zipper, but. I could not think of it “Doctor”. No no no, just quite really

ver’simply, could not. You know that old thang, (slash) G’, eh there it was, hung on th tip o’ my tongue ( hissssssss ) so ah, I know, yes I do; that there’s something inside me, exploding to be made so much happier by the simple inclusion of one particular drinksnack to our very own communal beverage cooler, but, ^and I know they will not like me for it Gimi remember you said that yes you did Gimi^ as I cannot think of it now, I’ll just think it for next time, and, in the time between, “Doctor”, there should be plenty of time to get it out past my tongue-tip, and from there to my hand. Know sweet? Know sweet, “Doctor”? Hey, “Doctor”, know know know know, so very super

simply…z..zz..inside which also but oh yeah well half with a tipped of that’s close but not has a car…damned sweet! Sooo o oo oo o o,  next time I can ask for sure, but each time, “Doctor” * why does it seem some freak-law of nature { that })* nearly immediately there I am again, my dear Mickey-Wah, pressed up ‘gainst the cooler door, Mickey-Wah, slapping myself  ^why’d you lie to me Gimi^ slap sl’ ‘lap ‘tindah foerre-head, thinking on thinking that What’s that Big Cyst off Your Ear? gaaaaa, here we go I plum forgot gosh-darn here I am again I could remove that for you really fast I could, “Doctor”, with it at the tip of my tongue { thin ‘s an’ ‘parro’ flying coo fly! } HUP and the pencil is there hung with write it, f’ you want it, so use me, jot it over onto the provided taped-up-tight paper, but no, so as always { sigh } I settle; ^why didn’t you mean it when you said it Gimi^ shaking and shaking down my head, I settle like I always have ended up settling, and always without fail, for much less. I get out a Pepsi settled into for less, and I say scre’ myself thu’t next time I’ll

remember ‘tween now and then I’ll think this name up but over again for X number of Pepsis I drink, forget, need a break, go there and gahhh; forgot again, ^when I stand up yes I do do it differently Gimi^ damn the sillies, so I settle; until next time always next ‘gain o’ forget, need a break, go there and gahhh; o’re and ova’ and always [ da fyne deestra-fahne’d “Hoons” ] —The same the exactly same same {oh my} So that’s the nut of my whole ‘dica”men”’ t-t-t-t,  “Doctor”. ^you told me that Gimi I never forget anything you tell me Gimi^ And I swear, this goes … hey hey over out-spilt can you’ve been caught in a crammed…on as many times as possible, in as many days as possible, yah as many times as it’ll end up to take, that we’re all stuck here doing this stupidly silly, ‘ll pointless, day after day high-priced mood and attituctivity in lieu of prison time, p-p-p-

personal improvement plan ^remember you told me I didn’t care at all what happened to you Gimi^ (hic”cup”) planet Earth Census ah, yes; but now that magical time comes when, ah, a break is needed | ah HAH ditch that bayonet right “this instant”, young man!| and ah; there it is! Snatch it down so I git it and I got it and there it is ha I got the name, ha ha ha yes yes “Doctor”, [ awk Linkletter’d-downe distra’d ] this time around’s so destined to be different—shush yah yoh ooh ahh rush to the cooler that name in my hand; stop short there’s the sheet ( ugh honeypt’d rag-man “ though ye may be” ) write it down ‘fore forgotten, yes; This time I’m different, here I am, different time hold the name in the left hand ^why’d you say that Gimi when you’ve told me over and over you know I really care^ get the pencil in the right here it is look at it but where there’s no nahh don’t dare say that write it down … no okay maybe with a cow so but that’s as close also has a as they can without touching no no okay with a…no NO where’s there there’s no damned ^I want to help people Gimi I want to I do but^ Pe NO do not know that, that cannot possibly be not this time write it NO there is no pencil this time BUT yes up top the cooler NO there’s no there’s no HOLD Breath do not lose the name in the left b-b-“b-but”, slow, 0, d-damned down (eck); slow down slower to slowest   drain  “I am not one t’ be ‘countrashaane-shoopt’d’ ”   down    there’s   it can’t be gone and         this can’t have happened this way  + ‘roun’ do-daht’s big Romanian teakettle’d clash +  ho “Doctor” this  the pencil the name of the thing my  .   left palm’s not empty   ..  ^why is it wrong to do it differently from other people Gimi^ !!     .     .   hung limp brown string and I            slump’d down “Doctor” that’s ::::: how I found myself walking eck ack O Doc  .   tor  .  I quit I just        walked clean    out    off the place     d oc’     TOR      what can’t have ever happened to be had happened “Doctor”     why was I born into this        shaking and shaking and shaking down my head, and my head and my       . 

   eck ack s    n s oon, {Ah!} swoon  … hey hey you’ve been car crammed inside caught in a…    .     “Doctor”?   .  Why could I not have been born into that?    Or those—over there “Doctor” why could I not have been born into one of those over there?  Or these here??????  or possibly this ‘un up there, “Doctor”. There. That. “Doctor”—r-r-r-r-r-r oh.       Leaned into the cooler, eyes closed down, a voice, Voice behind. Voice of.       (8)   “Say-y-y-y, excuse me, could you step aside, I need to get something out of the cooler, thank you.”       .      ^why can’t you tell me Gimi oh why you do this to me Gimi^      O?        .     Jesus Christ, Samuel, you’ve left your used Harvies all over the place [ there’s cans for that, honey ]   … be’damned why’s all these big spill? 

 .    aka big Ben Harko     .      ‘round ‘bound me an’ that when I let go s-hot(!) into, Why? So-o-o-o, so-ooo, that you can get your very favorite drink out this “very favorite” cooler to mock me down yes yes yes yes to mock me down all the hell of the way down and get it out right ‘front of my face with ha ha ha ha see what I can do and you’ll never ha ha ha ha ha look what I can do that you’ll never be permitted to ha ha ha never be permitted { here, passacaglia!! } ^why can’t you tell me Gimi oh why you do this to me Gimi^ to oh hey who’s that dumb one we’re never to permit anything good to ever happen… hey hey you’ve been car crammed inside caught in a… here, L’il whoa-whaah’td ittl bitti fugue!! }to oh this one right here officer I am glad you came fast officer this one is not right in the head, “Officer”, and you know as well as I do ^oh why oh why^ that the ones not right in the head are the really really most dangerous and deadly ones of all ones he he he he ah ha ah—why sure, be my guest.

Cooler opening blow by—somebody who’s not—me.

“Thank you.”

Not me.

You’re welcome. S-a-a-i-dde (honnk) beye, ^o’ ‘hy o’ ‘hy^ somebody who’s not me not me any more not not me s’let me quick sorry to bug you step back let me get another what is this, this’s a damned ^’ ‘h’’ ‘h’^ Pepsi, “Yanni”, s’ shut the cooler and get ‘ur fast ass back down to/or or {???} into the God-damned line that’s ^0^ what you’re here for God damn man God damn what the hell did you think do you  think you were here for anyway if not no if not that?


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  1. The speaker asks o many things to the Doctor inside – outside with another character Gimi and towards the end Jesus Christ. Very enjoyable piece of writing!

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