Story from Nahyean Bin Khalid

South Asian teen boy with short brown hair, brown eyes, and a white collared shirt.
Nahyean Bin Khalid

Temporal Nexus Paradox
In the heart of a mysterious laboratory, Dr. Alexander Greyson, a brilliant scientist, stood before his latest creation: the Temporal Nexus, a device capable of travelling across time and space. With the world's history at his fingertips, Alexander's eyes shined with excitement as he took a good look at the possibilities.

Unable to resist the lure of discovery, he activated the device and found himself standing in the midst of ancient Rome. The magnificence of the Colosseum and the vitality of the bustling streets left him in awe. With each journey, he hopped through centuries, exploring various civilizations and cultures.

However, he didn't know that he made a fateful misstep. During a visit to the Renaissance, he accidentally dropped a small notebook filled with his advanced scientific equations. The notebook fell into the hands of a curious Leonardo da Vinci. Inspired by Alexander's revolutionary ideas, da Vinci's inventions rapidly advanced human progress, altering the course of history.

As Alexander returned to his present, he was greeted by a world unrecognizable to him. Advanced technology appeared, but the cost of this was immense, it created a society which disowned personal connections and brought environmental issues. Desperate to undo the damage he had unwillingly caused, Alexander went back into the past using the Temporal Nexus, determined to retrieve the notebook from da Vinci's possession.

However, each attempt he made to fix the timeline only led to further complications. His actions created a series of paradoxes that rippled through time, threatening to erase him from existence. Stranded in a fractured reality, Alexander realized the consequences of his actions. With the help of a fellow scientist, Christopher Alis, he made a plan together to repair the timeline.

Christopher and Alexander went on a very dangerous trip across different times, dealing with problems and secrets. Together, they raced against time to restore the timeline and ensure Alexander's invention never fell into da Vinci's hands. Their efforts took them from ancient civilizations to distant futures, they were fixing the very essence of how things work in the world.

After countless struggles and close calls, Christopher and Alexander finally managed to set things right. The timeline was restored, and the course of history returned to its original path. With the Temporal Nexus dismantled and the notebook safely back in Alexander's possession, the world once again aligned with its intended trajectory.

After everything calmed down, Alexander thought about the important thing he had learned: how much a single person's actions can affect the course of history. He promised to use his scientific talent to help people and not try to change the past. With a new understanding of how history works, Alexander Greyson felt prepared to move forward and make smart choices because of what he went through.

Nahyean Bin Khalid is a student of grade 7 in Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.